Murray Lines
Director - Stratum Resources
Murray Lines is the founding Director of Stratum Resources consulting group, an independent minerals consultancy operating since 1997 providing information, supply demand analysis & advice on policy developments for the mining industry.

Murray has been responsible for conducting feasibility studies & providing consultancy services on various minerals & metals such as silica, high purity quartz, kaolin, calcium carbonate, mineral sands especially zircon, titanium dioxide and other minerals and metals operations throughout Australia and Asia. He has extensive experience with many minerals and metals including iron ores (both hematite & magnetite), rare-earths, halloysite, lithium compounds, magnesia, bentonite, silica, talc, zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, fumed silica, precipitated silica, colloidal silica, silica gel & silica fume.

He is also involved with thermal coal exports around the Asian region and during the past 5 years he has been assisting buyers of coal connect with producers in Australia and Indonesia. In addition he assists several mineral processing machinery companies with introductions to potential clients around the region.

Murray has experience in conducting supply-demand analysis for feasibility studies & due diligence reports for a wide range of minerals and metals but particularly for iron ore, zircon/rutile/ilmenite, kaolin and vanadium. He has also gained extensive experience with high purity quartz markets such as crucibles and solar panel materials in Asia including China.