World Car Free Day Summit 2020

Today's spaces, tomorrow's places 21-22 September

About the Summit

Join us to celebrate & debate ways to accelerate the transition to traffic-free city centres in London & around the world. Co-produced by London Car Free Day and Menged Le Sew - Ethiopia's Open Streets movement.
Summit sessions
  • World Car Free Day London Summit - Welcoming remarks
  • Opening keynote - inspiration from Ethiopia's Open Streets leadership
  • Opening plenary - Global updates on progress towards traffic-free city centres
  • Plenary 2 - Open Streets: reviving local democracy & building healthier cities for all
  • World Car Free Day Summit - Speakers Corner Part I: Celebrating the future of cities
  • Turning parking into parks
    Plenary 3 - Pathways to a more equitable urban recovery: public transport, land value capture & housing
  • 21 Sept. Monica Araya Keynote - COP26 & the Race to Zero emissions cities
  • Speakers Corner Part 2: Taking back the streets
    Don't miss this session of inspiring Speakers Corner ideas for taking back the streets: Sindile Mavundla, Founder & Managing Directo... View more
  • Plenary 4 - Zero emissions logistics: opportunities for scaling up
  • Plenary 5 - Saving lives and building stronger communities with Play Streets & School Streets
    - Hear from leaders working in London, and across the UK and Africa on what is working to transform streets to be safer, healthier, a... View more
  • World Car Free Day Summit 2020 - Speakers Corner Part 3: London 2030
    Tuesday, September 22, 2020 · 8:40 AM BST
  • CRP Workshop
    World Car Free Day Workshop with CRP - practical steps towards zero emissions urban logistics
    Join this technical workshop from the Cross River Partnership to learn urban logistics leaders are accelerating the shift to zero emi... View more
  • Plenary 6 - COP26 zero emissions land use & the land conversion opportunity
  • World Car Free Day Summit Speakers Corner Part 4 - Infrastructure for healthy cities
    Tuesday, September 22, 2020 · 12:00 PM BST
  • 22 September - Opening keynote: Paris & the future of traffic-free city centres

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