Women's Day Video Series JIO

by Welcome Cure

About This Summit

We at WelcomeCure understand the struggles women undergo and sacrifices that women make every single day. While they care about everyone else, they forget to look after themselves!
Here is a little gift from us to you!
WelcomeCure brings to you a unique Video Series- Starting from 2nd March 2020, an interesting video covering all the stages of Womanhood and the associated health concerns- shall go live each day
Topics covered in the series
  • Puberty Related Trouble Dummy
    2nd March 2020 3 PM onwards
  • Menstrual Troubles, Self Love & Superwoman Syndrome Dummy
    3rd March 2020 3 PM onwards
  • Thyroid Disorders In Women Dummy
    4th March 2020 3 PM onwards
  • Acne, Empty Nest Syndrome & Parental Journey Dummy
    5th March 2020 3 PM onwards
  • Pregnancy Related Issues Dummy
    6th March 2020 3 PM onwards
  • Menopause Dummy
    7th March 2020 3 PM onwards

Women's Day Video Series