Safeguarding Children in the Digital Age 2021

1.00pm-3.00pm | Monday, 11th to Thursday 14th January 2021

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Sessions in this Conference
  • Now available on-demand
    Keynote: Building the Digital World that Young People Deserve
    Baroness Beeban Kidron
  • Now available on-demand
    Digital safety in the 2020s…and beyond
    Jonathan Taylor
  • Now available on-demand
    Gambling and gaming: how to protect young people
    Dr Henrietta Bowden-Jones
  • Now available on-demand
    Top Tips for Safeguarding Remotely - MyConcern
  • Now available on-demand
    Online grooming - CSE, radicalisation and extremism
    Traci Good
  • Now available on-demand
    Sexting - how to respond to incidents of sexting
    Charlotte Aynsley
  • Now available on-demand
    Young people’s mental health
    Day 3, Keynote 3 will see Dr Richard Graham and Dr Bernadka Dubicka give a important talk about mental health in the digital age. Dr... View more
  • Now available on-demand
    Teaching online safety
    Andrew MacKenzie
  • Now available on-demand
    Practical steps for tackling online safety with young people with SEND
    Phoebe Moriarty Roberts
  • Now available on-demand
    Working with parents and carers
    Sophie Linnington
  • Now available on-demand
    Supporting professionals to safeguard children online
    Day 4, Session 2 will see Claudia Megele and Dr Peter Buzzi discuss safeguarding young people and supporting professionals and carers... View more
  • Now available on-demand
    Online safeguarding for vulnerable young people
    Adrienne Katz