FreeDoc Winter Records Forum 2022

February 2nd & 3rd, 2022 | 9am - 3pm

About Winter Records Forum 2022


After your training, you are going to be prepared for any skirmish you will ever face managing records and maintaining informational compliance, as legally required. Provided on-line, this training covers all of the basics. In addition, you are going to be introduced topics so advance, your superiors will take note of it. Only $79 for both days.
Sessions in this Records Forum
  • New Recruits! General Orientation to Records Mgmt
    Introduction to concepts, terms, definitions and requirements for managing re...
  • Ten-Hut! Attention to Retention
    Session covers what retention schedules are, what these are meant to do, and ...
  • Running the Obstacle Course: Mythbusting
    Session covers common obstacles to implementing records management and myths ...
  • Essentials: Disaster Survival
    Session covers disaster planning for essential records, what are essential re...
  • Records Managers – The Few, The Proud, The Brave
    Hoorah! You’ve passed Basic Training. Now what? Session covers suggestions to...
  • Are You Compliant? Understanding and Applying Standards
    Session outlines the principles and steps to measure departmental compliance ...
  • Assess, Inventory, Measuring Compliance & Training
    Session covers the ‘Range of Work’ (ROW) an agency must take before implement...
  • ECM – LIVE
    Session covers ACTUAL e-forms for a virtual agency to interact with the public.
  • TBD
    Don’t give hackers a foothold in volumes of uncategorized data, but where to ...
  • Love Your Organization’s Records Policies?

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