Data Science & Strategy Day 2020
Welcome at our all virtual element61 Data Science & Strategy Day focusing on how your organization can innovate through and with data.

Below you can find the agenda of the day (or download here).

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We hope you enjoy our virtual event!
Sessions in this agenda:
  • Everything you need to know about Azure Synapse (Studio), a game changer?
  • Azure DevOps for BI & Data professionals
  • Leverage your Power BI scale with Mixed Mode & Azure Synapse
  • How to survive as a Power BI Admin!
  • Kick Off
    Kick-off & Showcase Demo - Latest innovations in ML and Analytics on Azure & Databricks
  • Keynote
    Keynote - Roularta Media Group
  • Business Track
    OPTION 1 - How Proximus is accelerating the use of data in marketing
  • Technical Track
    OPTION 2 - Infrastructure-as-Code: how to set up your Azure environment in a matter of minutes
  • Business Track
    OPTION 1 - Roularta Media Group: What's 'under the hood'
  • Technical Track
    OPTION 2 - MLOps Platforms: a comparative study between different tools
  • Business Track
    OPTION 1 - Damart is optimizing their customer experience through Customer Segmentation
  • Technical Track
    OPTION 2 - Getting started with Machine Learning in Azure using AzureML and MLflow
  • Business Track
    OPTION 1 - Aquafin hackathon
  • Technical Track
    OPTION 2 - Using pandas vs Spark vs. Koalas for Data Science
  • Closing session
    element61 view on future of analytics and plenary Q&A
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