9th National Lymphoedema Conference

9th National Lymphoedema Conference 2022

The National Lymphoedema conference brings together the leading specialists in the discipline to present and inspire discussion on the issues and debates that are most relevant to lymphoedema treatment and research today.

Watching this conference will provide insight into the latest developments in lymphoedema management, give you a thorough understanding of what to measure when assessing patients with lymphoedema and chronic oedema, and give you the opportunity to understand how lymphoedema affects and interacts with the lower limb, the head and neck, and on exercise. It will also highlight the challenges in managing leg ulcers and give you a chance to share and exchange your ideas with other professionals in the field.

We hope this will allow HCPs from all over the UK to watch another fantastic conference that is CPD accredited!
Sessions available on-demand
  • The importance of Skin care and the management of Lymphorrhoea
  • Haddenham Comfiwave: Uses and versatility in clinical practice
  • Exploring resource and cost saving opportunities when prescribing compression garments
  • Pain and discomfort
  • The impact of 24-hour interval practice on the patient
  • Deep vein thrombosis
  • Obesity and inflammation

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