Meditate for Animals
About this Meditation series
Animaltalk Africa has partnered with 7 Days of Rest and Radiant Diversity 2020 to bring you 7 days of Meditating for the Animals and all of Nature: Transforming the world, one intention at a time.

7 Days of Rest is an annual global event that takes place the first week of every year. During 7 Days of Rest & Radiant Diversity 2020, individuals and groups across the world will create and participate in events dedicated to cultivating unity and harmony in diversity, and empathy with all of Life.

Wynter invites you to take around twenty minutes, each day to allow yourself to spend this time with the animals and Nature: Being, Loving, Transforming, Experiencing- for yourself and for the animals.

Each of these 7 days focuses on a different theme, each of which is meaningful and transformative, connecting you deeply with the one-ness of all beings, sharing support and love.

You are encouraged to do these meditations each day in sequence, and then after the full seven days, all the meditations will be available for you to experience in whichever order you choose. If you do not already have a daily sacred practice, this can be a start.
If you do practice meditation daily, try incorporating these meditations into your sacred practice.

Once you have listened to them in sequence, use them as and when you need to. The power of these meditations will be as valuable to you, years from now. There is no expiry date. Enjoy being with the animals!

Please watch the short video below to learn about the intention of
"7 days of Rest and Radiant Diversity 2020"
This Meditation series Has 7 Sections
  • Introduction to Heart Energy
    Meditations for the Animals - Day 1
    Wednesday, January 9, 2019 · 10:00 AM SAST
    The first step in connecting and communicating with all beings is to experience the energy and the feeling of absolute,unconditional love. In this, the first of the seven days of Meditations for the Animals, Wynter leads you into the heart space. You are guided into consciously sending and receiving the vital energy of unconditional love, through which all connection and communication flows.

    Allow yourself this beautiful time to experience the feeling of total love for the unique being that is you, and to experience the uniqueness of you in touch with the natural world again.
  • Connecting with a Specific Animal Friend
    Meditations for the Animals - Day 2
    Thursday, January 10, 2019 · 10:30 AM SAST
    In day two of Meditations for the Animals, you spend this time connecting and "being" with an animal in your life who you know and love. Experience a deep heart connection which leads you into the process of communicating with this beloved animal friend.
    Give yourself, and your special friend this time to really "be" together.
    Your animal friend does not need to be physically with you at this time of meditation. There is no limit of space or time, during this meditation you will experience the heart connection which is there at all times.
  • Meditation for Helping a Specific Animal
    Meditations for the Animals - Day 3
    Saturday, January 12, 2019 · 7:15 PM SAST
    In today's meditation you will be connecting with a particular individual who you are concerned about at this time. Whether it is a health concern, a rescue case or an emotional issue, allow yourself to spend this time finding out how you can help and what your animal friend needs from you. Know that just by you being in this space of love and healing is already transforming the situation.
  • Connecting with Species
    Meditations for the Animals - Day 4
    Sunday, January 13, 2019 · 11:45 AM SAST
    Today you expand your awareness to a particular species of animal. It may be wild or not. It may be a species you know well, or would like to know well. In today's meditation you will find out what the energy of this species feels like, how you can help them and how they can help you. Allow yourself this time to make a deep connection with another of Earth's families and experience how you are connected with them.
  • Connecting with the Eco-system
    Meditations for the Animals - Day 5
    Sunday, January 13, 2019 · 2:00 PM SAST
    Connecting with the Eco-system

    We are all one. In today's meditation you experience exactly what that means. By merging your heart energy with the heart of the entire eco-system you will feel how everything you do and every thought you have affects everything and everyone around you, and vice versa. Today allow yourself to be at one with Nature and all her children.
  • Transformation of the Human Heart
    Meditations for the Animals - Day 6
    Sunday, January 13, 2019 · 3:00 PM SAST
    In today's meditation time we focus on helping to transform the heart of humanity. By using this method of visualising transformation, know that you are able to make a difference in raising the consciousness of individuals and of groups of people. By transforming the human heart to one that is able to experience the unconditional love of Nature you will go a long way in helping the earth and all who dwell upon her.
  • Co-Creating a Better World.
    Meditations for the Animals - Day 7
    Monday, January 14, 2019 · 9:45 AM SAST
    Today, in the last day of Meditations for the Animals, you learn how to draw strength and guidance from Divine Nature in order to continue your work in this world. Whether you are an activist, a rescuer or an individual who wants to make a difference in this world in whatever way you can, this meditation gives you the tools to help you.

    Although this is the last of the seven days, all of the meditations in this series are available to you at any time.