Wade Carroll
President, Anders Capital Group
Mr. Carroll is the president of Anders Capital Group – a real estate investment firm which assists non-profit housing organizations acquire and manage distressed real estate and debt. Mr. Carroll also serves as President of Further Opportunity which is a socially conscious affordable housing organization. Further Opportunity’s primary focus is whole loan transactions. Its business strategy provides immediate help to a significant number of borrowers and demonstrates an effective model for foreclosure prevention.

Prior to Anders Capital Group, Mr. Carroll served as executive vice-president and co-founder of BridgeBilt, a San Diego based real estate company. Mr. Carroll worked with the National Community Stabilization Trust (NCST) to assist non-profit organizations acquire, renovate and sell REO assets. Through his work, BridgeBilt became the first for-profit strategic partner of the NCST, acquiring and stabilizing 700 single family homes in seven states.

Mr. Carroll spent the last 15 years developing programs that not only impact local communities but are also worthwhile investments for capital. Carroll believes that a necessary element of any good and meaningful program is its ability to sustain itself.