Cindi Delany
With an undergraduate degree in Business/Economics from UCLA and a DVM from UC Davis, Dr. Cindi Delany has practiced emergency and animal shelter medicine for more than 20 years.
Dr. Delany has developed particular expertise in animal shelter population management, animal behavior/training and environmental enrichment, community cat program creation/implementation, emergency and neonatal medicine, surgery, foster program creation and management, live release program implementation, the use of technology to collect vital information on shelter performance, and the use of statistics to analyze and improve outcomes for animals and overall shelter operations.
Dr. Delany’s focus in KSMP animal shelter consultations and industry speaking is on programs targeted to improve animal outcomes, provide environmental enrichment for shelter animals, explore shelter animal behavior and training, improve shelter data collection and analysis, and maximize operational efficiencies in a limited resource environment.
Dr. Delany is now taking her passion and expertise for sharing information and learnings about maximizing animal shelter success to the next level as the Director of the KSMP Online Learning Program.
When not focusing on her animal shelter work, Dr. Delany has a special interest in animal behavior and positive reinforcement training. She is a Karen Pryor Academy Certified Animal Trainer and Fear Free Certified. She practices clicker training with all of her animals – including her 4 dogs, 1 cat, 2 Bactrian Camels, 3 miniature donkeys, and Percheron draft horse. Dr. Delany is a self-professed computer nerd who loves working with high tech toys, software, apps and other computer related devices.