Bob Schimek
Director, Postal Affairs, Quad and MTAC Industry Chair
Bob leads a team focused on managing the business and technical relationship between Quad and the USPS. He brings 31 years of experience in the mailing industry to lend insights that improve postal operations, USPS policy and the technical infrastructure of the postal service.
Bob is a highly regarded thought leader on postal issues who represents Quad and its customers at the country’s top postal industry associations. He has served as Chairman of the Board at PostCom, and currently serves as Industry Co-Chair on the Mailer’s Technical Advisors Committee (MTAC) Executive Committee. Bob has also served as the chair for the Mail.dat specification committee since 2010.

Bob works collaboratively with both industry and the Postal Service to help ensure that USPS initiatives for Full Service, eInduction, Seamless Acceptance, Move Update, Informed Delivery, Informed Visibility, Enterprise Payment and others meet Quad’s needs and, crucially, the needs of its customers and the industry.