$39 - Eastern Warbler ID 2-Part Workshop
About This ID Workshop
Eastern Wood Warblers return to breed in North America every spring, much to the delight of birders!

This identification workshop with Kevin Karlson is drawn from his classes offered at festivals through North America each year, including the Biggest Week in American Birding.

Due to the flexibility of this webinar where you can review some of the more difficult ID tips afterwards, Kevin will offer a more comprehensive workshop with additional ID tips on difficult warbler species as well as in depth separation of similar species, which he doesn’t do at festivals.

Each species appears in digital photo arrays that have most of the plumage possibilities in one view—breeding male/female, non-breeding, and immature. This comparison allows you to see all the plumages in one view, which helps with retention of important ID points.

Similar species also appear in digital arrays to enable direct comparison of their differences, with Kevin providing guidance for the most important ID tips.

Most photos are from Kevin’s popular “Warblers of North America” laminated foldout guide (Quick Reference Publishing, 2015).

Quiz photos at the end of the program will test and reinforce your power of retention, and you will have about ten seconds or more to fashion your guess and enter it in the chat room. Kevin will then address your guesses and give the correct ID and the reasons why.

Come and witness the challenges of warbler ID, and see the power of comparative viewing to separate similar species.
This Workshop as Two Sessions
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