Jason Weiss
Co-founder of Digital Triad Group
Jason brings an exceptional background in software engineering architecture and cryptology dating back to his service in the US Navy as a cryptologist during the first Gulf War. He has lectured internationally on computer science topics, authored multiple books, papers, and articles, holds several patents, and is a successful serial entrepreneur. He was the first Chief Software Officer for the Department of Defense, responsible for driving software modernization policy and guidance, and was a co-author of the DOD’s Software Modernization Strategy, and he has an MA in Intelligence and a BS in Computer Science. Today, Jason is the co-founder of Digital Triad Group, a company specializing in secure software education and consultancy and an executive advisor to Softrams, LLC. Other notable previous positions include Vice President, IT Transformation, at BAE Systems, Inc, Senior Vice President, Cloud Platform and Applications, at SMARTRAC N.V., and Chief Software Officer at Conquest Cyber.