Membership and Marketing: Apprentice Certificate
Apprentice Certificate: Virtual Events
All Shriners and members of Masonic organizations can attend. Offered as a four-part virtual event, each event focuses on delivering key introductory concepts in membership and marketing that equips students to attend the immersive in-person conference in April. Each virtual event features subject matter experts, runs two hours, offers two seminars, one membership-focused, one marketing/communications-focused, and concludes with an ask-an-expert session.

• Recognition: Apprentice level certificate issued with successful completion of all four events.

• Registration period: October 5, 2020 - November 18, 2020

• Price: Free for Shriners and members in good standing with Masonic bodies and affiliated groups. The non-member fee is $150.00 for the virtual event series.

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This Virtual Event Series Has 4 Sections