Adrian Hart
Associate Director – Construction and Infrastructure - BIS Oxford Economics
Adrian has 20 years of economic analysis and consulting experience with BIS Oxford Economics, focusing on the infrastructure, building, maintenance and mining industries.
He has undertaken a wide range of consultancy projects for the public and private sector based on his detailed understanding of construction, mining and maintenance markets, their drivers and outlooks, the range of organisations operating in this space and the issues they face. This work includes deeper industry liaison, contractor and competitive analysis, pipeline analysis, demand and cost escalation forecasting, and capacity and capability projects for the public and private sector. He also undertakes briefings and workshops for senior management, board members and industry associations, and facilitates and chairs roundtables between government and industry.

Recent projects include, amongst others:

• NSW Construction Delivery Assessment: Capacity and Capability for Infrastructure NSW (iNSW).
• Australian Road Construction Cost Escalation Model and Forecasts – for the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development, Commonwealth Government
• Australia and New Zealand Roads Capability Analysis for Austroads.
• Rail Industry Supply Chain Assessment and Blueprint– for Australasian Railways Association (ARA, forthcoming).