1-Day Magic & Gratitude Video Webinar Workshop
About this Magic & gratitude event
The journey through this Video Webinar Workshop is open to all regardless of where in the world you are. The amazing testimonials below give you a taste of the real-life magic created!


People have asked if you can really get a sense of magic, connection, and gratitude from an online group. This is just one of the many similar posts from a member of the Online Magic & Gratitude Group:

"Thank you so much for these readings and for your positive and encouraging words! I ended a week filled with happiness and positivity and hope and I am so, so ready and grateful to welcome more amazing greatness in my life. I wish words could express how I truly feel, but the level of gratitude and excitement exceed the power of words My WOW is THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU Wishing you all a great week and an amazing start of the year."


Oprah Winfrey says in this Super Soul Sunday interview with Elizabeth Lesser:

"Practicing gratitude. I've said this many times, and I can't say it enough and I'm gonna say it again in case you didn't hear me the first time, or you didn't try it. Gratitude is the single best way I have ever discovered of changing your personal vibration. You can INSTANTLY do it with gratitude."

This is from someone who had never personally met the other people within the secret Facebook Accountability Group. They went on to say:

“The magic power of one’s mind is beyond imagination if and only if there is both consistent belief and constant appreciation ... There is good in every situation, choosing to see it is the hard part, but once we learn to do so, giving thanks becomes first nature ... I'm very excited by the Magic workshop and I thank you Marilyn for the time and effort you're putting into it for all of us.”

People's dreams were coming true within a few short weeks of joining the eCoaching Programme:

“Wow Marilyn! I am truly happy for Sonny and I am happy for myself, happy to be a part of your Magic circle. It is so wonderful to read how people's lives change in such a wonderful way and mine will never be the same thanks to you my dear!!! THANK YOU Marilyn Devonish the words could not describe how amazing, empowering. life changing and truly magical your course was!! Please keep on doing your magical work. YOU are an inspiration. Big warm hug xxxx

God bless you, Marilyn

Hugs and love”
Ana Capone xx

Wishes were being granted:

We had one member of the group focus on creating the finances to be able to take some time off to get their ‘head sorted out.’ A couple of months later someone sent them a cheque in the post, out of the blue, completely unprompted, just so that they could do exactly that. One of the things I hear most often from my clients is:

“Wow. You are not going to believe this!”

Career goals were being attained:

One of my Gratitude & Magic Programme participants was focused on reviving part of their career. As the miraculous changes unfolded, this is what they had to say on some of those changes:

“ . . . . . More has evolved since then, but I can wholeheartedly recommend Marilyn's excellent coaching programme based around Rhonda Byrne's 'The Magic'. It is a simple, easy to follow and practical programme spread over a month which can deliver amazing results. Marilyn's supportive, holistic & experienced coaching combined with the simple exercises make for a fun, insightful & powerful coaching course, which (if followed) will deliver some remarkable results. One of the very best programmes I have ever done, in large part, due to Marilyn's experience & combination of skills. Highly recommended.” BEN BROPHY

Lives were being changed within weeks of taking part in the Magic & Gratitude Programme:

"I hope you don't mind, I just wanted to give you an update of my progress.

Where to begin, Magic is happening everywhere - I am so much more aware of not just the big things that are happening but I'm stopping to appreciate the small magic that happens every day. I'm also so enjoying telling people around me about the magic that they are creating. I've definitely been raising some smiles along the way and my comments are always appreciated, which makes me feel amazing.

Some HUGE manifestations this week and I can't wait to tell you when everything is signed and sealed. A few months ago I never believed it could happen."

I know it sounds miraculous, and there are a ton of other stories just like this from participants on my Magic & Gratitude Programme, Mind Body Spirit Energy Fest Workshop, TranceFormation™ Programme, and Breakthrough Coaching Programmes.

Much needed money and cheques were being received out of the blue!

"Ok so long story short..........Whilst on The Magic program Gina & Marilyn both sensed for about 9 months I had been getting close to the point of physical/emotional/mental exhaustion...."running on empty". They advised me I was always juggling "too many skittles", it was fine to say "no" and I needed to slow down - go with the flow a little more.

Once I had stopped after feeling pretty wounded from the business lesson and I took a few days to reflect on what Gina/Marilyn and a few close friends had said to me recently.

I then asked the question: "I'm truly grateful for knowing how I can afford to stand still long enough to decide How I want my life to be in the future? I'm also grateful for How I can have enough focussed time and resources to seize whatever opportunities feel right to me (resonate) that serve others using my experiences & skill set......so I can gain immense job satisfaction on all projects and comfortably support my family's needs."

2 days later my boyfriend calls me and asks me if I'm sitting down, which I did and he explained a cheque made out to me for a few grand had been sent through to his address. That day I went to see the donor of the cash and they said "the money was to enable me to take a step back to recoup some strength & energy, so I could restructure how I earn money and enable me to restore balance/harmony to my life and so I stay strong/well enough to inspire/impact the lives of others."

So there you have it "Gratitude rocks, as does being part of this lovely group"

This is the 1-Day Video Webinar Version of the Online 28-Day Magic & Gratitude eCoaching Program. You will find information about the eCoaching Program here: https://themagic.eventbrite.com
This Magic & Gratitude Event Has 2 Sections
  • Magic & Gratitude Part 1
    Magic & Gratitude 1-Day Workshop: Part 1
    We open with The Magic Timeline, Magic Results, and the Assumptions of Huna Magic. We then delve into Magical Mindset Daily Practices and Experiential Sessions.
  • Magic & Gratitude Part 2
    Magic & Gratitude 1-Day Workshop: Part 2
    In Part 2 of this practical and experiential Video Webinar Workshop we open with the Magic Body and Radiant Health Daily Practices. We also cover Magic Relationships, Magical Money, a Huna and Access Consciousness Energy Clearing Session, and close with the Magic TranceFormations Processes and Next Steps.