Jakki Krage Strako
Chief Commerce and Business Solutions Officer and Executive Vice President, US Postal Service
Jacqueline Krage Strako was named Chief Customer and Marketing Officer and executive vice president in December 2018. As the CCMO, Jakki is responsible for oversight of the many organizations within the customer and marketing office. She leads all corporate strategies and initiatives to improve the customer experience, aligning the Postal Service’s goals to effectively meet customers’ needs and build a more customer-centric organization.

Previously, Jakki was vice president, Area Operations – Great Lakes Area Operations. She also served the Great Lakes Area in executive positions as manager, Operations Support, and as Area Finance manager. Strako is a graduate of the University of Iowa, where she received a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Engineering, and DePaul University, where she received her Masters of Business Administration. She also completed executive certificate programs in financial management, strategy and organization, and executive management at Stanford University. Ms. Strako began her Postal Service career in 1989 as an Industrial Engineer at Postal Service Headquarters in Washington, DC.