As easy to use and manage as soft tokens are today, hard tokens are sometimes the best way to go. Join Identity Guru Ingo Schubert for this webinar filled with informative, practical guidance about making the right choice for your circumstances.

Thu, 30/09/2021 · 1:00 PM London (GMT 1:00)
  • What to consider when determining whether hard tokens are preferable to soft tokens for a particular use case
  • Which type of hard token of the many available today is most suitable, once you know a hard token is the better option
  • How you can easily manage hard tokens from the SecurID Cloud Authentication Service
Ingo Shubert
Global Cloud Identity Architect- CISSP-ISSAP, CCSP at SecurID, an RSA business
Ingo Schubert joined RSA in 2002, originally focusing on PKI and cryptographic toolkits. As SecurID’s Global Cloud Identity Architect, he helps clients develop IAM infrastructure that secures operations and ensures users can remain productive while working remotely. Ingo also supports RSA’s work on decentralized identity (a new model for the web that allows users to control their data) and verified credentials (an emerging technology that that can help build trust into the next web). In his spare time, he takes care of his family and various Raspberry Pi projects.