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Lunch & Learn | News from the German Site Selection Procedure

November 25, 2020 at 01:00:00 PM · Brussels
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Pursuant to the Site Selection Act of 2017, on Monday, September 28th, the BGE has published its interim report on identified sub-areas which can be expected to have a favourable overall geological situation for the safe disposal of high-level radioactive waste. The three host rock types salt rock, clay stone an crystalline rock have been taken into consideration. Comparing and analysing over a million data records, applying exclusion criteria, minimum requirements and geo-scientific weighing criteria, BGE has identified 90 sub-areas spread across all German federal states (with the exception of Saarland).

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Astrid Göbel is head of the Group Communication and Research for the Site Selection Process for a repository for HLW. Before she joined BGE in 2017 she worked for the Department Safety of Nuclear Waste Management, Federal Office for Radiation Protection. In 1995 she graduated as a Diplom-Geologist. Her expertise covers project management and evaluation of disposal projects and research.
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