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Lunch & Learn | News on the siting process in Italy

Wed, Oct 27, 2021 · 13:00 · Brussels
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Angelo Paratore has been working since the early 80’s in the nuclear
industry, participating in the Caorso NPP refueling outages.
In 2001 he joined the Engineering Dpt. of SOGIN where he covered positions
of increasing responsibility, being involved in the decommissioning activities
of the Italian NPP’s and Fuel Cycle Facilities. In 2011 he was appointed
Responsible of the National Repository & Technology Park Division following
the activities aimed at siting, designing and realizing a centralized surface
repository for the final disposal of short-lived radioactive waste and the
interim storage of long-lived radioactive waste generated in Italy. From2013
he’s been involved with different roles and responsibilities in the same
activities and in the international benchmark on pre-disposal management of radioactive waste.
Webinar hosting presenter
ENEA Department Fusion and Technology for Nuclear Safety and Security
Riccardo Levizzari has been carrying out research activities in the nuclear sector since 1997. He began his professional experience in the safe maintenance and decommissioning of the Italian EUREX nuclear fuel reprocessing plant, particularly referred to the environmental safety aspects. From 2013, he takes part to different IAEA and NEA working groups, as Italian representative. From 2015, he works as researcher in the ENEA Department Fusion and Technology for Nuclear Safety and Security, on activities related to the use of experience gained in the field of management of radioactive waste from fission, useful for the future management of radioactive waste from nuclear fusion.
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