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SAME Young Professionals Webinar: Balancing Recovery and Resilience: Where and When to Invest?

About This Webinar

The unpredictability of emergencies, disasters, and catastrophes creates complex problems for responders after an event. Both public agencies and large organizations must be able to contend with the possibility of catastrophic damage impacting people, places, and assets. Mitigation and planning allow for increased resilience, but no matter how resilient we are there is still a need to understand traditional recovery. This session will take a step back from innovative, forward-thinking techniques and focus on more traditional “low hanging fruit” for increased resilience. By working to ensure you leverage best practices, we are able to better prepare our communities and clients for an uncertain future.


Featured Presenters
Webinar hosting presenter
Program Delivery Manager
David is a program manager and consultant with more than a decade of experience shaping social infrastructure. Motivated by an understanding of public policy, but driven by the practicalities of delivery, he has supported a range of global, federal and local clients. David’s professional emphasis focuses on institutional and community strategies, the implementation of public policy, disaster planning and recovery. Following recent FEMA deployments to Redding, California floods and St. Croix hurricanes, David is part of Jacobs Focus 2023 ‘Resilience Beyond Business as Usual’ team that identifies resilience opportunities across the program delivery lifecycle. As a practicing planner out of Jacobs Arlington office, and as Technical Lead for Sustainability and Resilience in our Saudi Arabian Jasara Joint Venture, he works on large and small teams working to make a difference in the lives of our clients and our communities.
Webinar hosting presenter
Project Manager, Jacobs