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SAME Young Professionals COI Webinar: Post-Pandemic HVAC, How to Cut Energy/Maintenance While Improving Health/IAQ/Carbon Footprint

About This Webinar

Status quo HVAC systems fail to perform on many fronts, requiring excessive energy and maintenance. Airborne infectious diseases and climate change make the problems worse. We’ll discuss what it takes for an HVAC system to address these problems while reducing overall lifecycle costs and facility carbon footprint. Going forward, designing “pandemic resistant” and “climate-change adapted” HVAC systems must become the norm, rather than the exception, for retrofits/repairs and new construction alike. Participants will learn about changes that can be made to new and existing HVAC designs that will reduce the airborne threat from infectious diseases and biological pathogens such as mold, fungus and Legionella, while cutting energy, maintenance, GHG emissions, carbon footprint, and overall lifecycle costs.

Learning Objectives:
1. Learn how installed HVAC systems are inadequate to address both long-term operating costs and reductions in the spread of biological pathogens and infectious diseases, such as COVID.

2. Learn about air purification methods that can deliver 95% to 99.9%+ single pass “capture or kill” rates, to rapidly clean, or maintain the air purity in the conditioned spaces.

3. Learn how to meet ASHRAE recommendations for higher fresh air quantities and greater Air Change per Hour (ACH) rates, improving IAQ while reducing energy and maintenance costs.

4. Learn how to select efficient, all-electric HVAC equipment for the post-COVID world that can eliminate the need for fossil fuels, allowing buildings and the grid to be decarbonized.

5. Learn how maintenance heavy energy-recovery based HVAC systems can have higher lifecycle costs than simple and easy to maintain systems.

6. Learn how poor relative humidity control affects viral spread and biological pathogen growth and distribution.


Featured Presenters
Webinar hosting presenter
Founder and President, Conservant Systems Inc.
Scot is the Founder and President of Conservant Systems Inc, and the inventor of the DoD, DoE and CEC-award-winning High Efficiency Dehumidification System (HEDS).

Scot started working in this profession as a “trained monkey” at the age of 12, working with technicians on the Honeywell Delta 2000, making $0.50/hour (Cash!!!). At 15, he was on the Honeywell payroll as a part-time control system field technician assistant. At 18, he was a full time Honeywell engineer. At 27, he started a consulting engineering firm specializing in high efficiency HVAC systems and chiller plant designs.

Scot has been an HVAC SME for the DoD since the 1990’s. He invented the Load Based Optimization System (LOBOS) & High Efficiency Dehumidification System (HEDS). Three times ESTCP award winner, plus winner of the DOE “Call for Innovation” and “High Impact Technology” global competitions. HEDS was the only HVAC equipment to make it through the USAF AFWERX “Base of the Future” technology challenge. His technologies and designs have won multiple awards from ASHRAE, the DoD, the DoE, the California Energy Commission, GSA, USAF AFWERX and others.
Webinar hosting presenter
Project Manager, Jacobs