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SAME Leader Development COI Webinar: The Leadership of Risk Management

About This Webinar

Risk management is a key aspect of all design and construction projects that ultimately makes or breaks an otherwise successful project. Often times, risk management is approached in an objective manner of identifying specific risks and actions to mitigate those risks in a risk register. But successful risk management must go beyond identifying risks to properly handling and addressing those risks. How identified risks are handled and addressed often times requires skilled leadership. This webinar will dig into the leadership side of risk management and its importance in making a project successful.


  • Gain an understanding of risk management
  • Identify different ways risk will present itself on projects
  • Develop leadership techniques to improve risk management capabilities of engineers and project managers
Featured Presenters
Webinar hosting presenter
Leadership Expert
Leslie Martinich is a leadership expert for engineers who want to deliver products and projects. She is an international keynote speaker, focused on Engaged Leadership. She leads Competitive Focus, a managerial consultancy focused on training technology leaders to be more effective. Her research interests include innovation, strategy, communication, risk management, and the leadership skills to successfully lead engineering firms.

She works with organizations and individuals who want to improve their leadership skills in order to deliver products on time, reduce turnover, create highly productive teams and inspire their team members to strive for the highest quality.

She began her career as a software engineer for compilers, operating systems, and communication and networking software. She has published extensively on Engineering Management and was chosen to be the IEEE-USA Congressional Fellow for Science and Technology Policy. She is an IEEE Distinguished Lecturer, and has presented keynotes at the IEEE International Technology Management Conferences and provided keynotes and workshops at universities and companies around the world.
Webinar hosting presenter
Moderator and member of the SAME Leader Development COI Steering Committee
Webinar hosting presenter
Member of the SAME Leader Development COI