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SAME Environmental COI Webinar: Underwater Munitions Response Sites and the Challenges with Site Management

Tue, Oct 26, 2021 · 3:00 PM · Eastern Time (US & Canada)
About This Webinar

The underwater munitions response program has unique challenges. This presentation will discuss some of these challenges from both the Navy and Contractor perspective. The Navy discussion will include detection, location, and remediation of Munitions and Explosives of Concern (MEC) at underwater sites, and the oceanographic conditions at some of the sites. The Contractor’s perspective is related to elements that should be considered during the planning and performance of munitions response projects in underwater/marine environments including approach, application of current and emerging technologies, challenges, and safety. Considerations for the protection of natural resources/critical habitat will also be discussed.

Learning Objectives:

1. Familiarize attendees with the inherent challenges the Navy faces with addressing underwater munitions.
2. Understand key elements to consider in the planning and performance of munitions response projects.
3. Review the application of existing and emerging technologies for munitions response efforts.
4. Gain appreciation for items to consider related to safety and the protection of natural resources during execution of munitions response programs.

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Featured Presenters
Webinar hosting presenter
National Program Manager - Eurofins Environment Testing
Jane has been a SAME member for over 20 years and serves as a co-chair on the SAME Environmental COI for programs and JETC. Ms. Huber has worked in the environmental industry for her entire career, and has expertise with emerging contaminants, specialty services, Federal programs and small business partnerships.
Webinar hosting presenter Programs SAME
Senior Education & Program Manager
Webinar hosting presenter
Environmental Engineer, NAVFAC EXWC
Bryan Harre is a Senior Environmental Engineer at the Naval Facilities Engineering and Expeditionary Warfare Center (EXWC) of the Naval Facilities Engineering Systems Command (NAVFAC). Bryan has worked for NAVFAC since 1991. Bryan has been the Navy's munitions response workgroup chair since 2003, which develops munitions response guidance, and promotes the use of best available technologies and methodologies for managing cleanup of MEC and Munitions Constituents (MC) on Navy installations. Bryan is also an instructor for the Navy's Munitions Response Site Management and Advanced Munitions Response Site courses.
Webinar hosting presenter
Director, Munitions Response Services, Environmental Chemical Corporation
Brian Skubin is a former Navy Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Officer who has worked in the Munitions Response industry for the past 14 years. During that time he has been directly involved in the planning and execution of 25 projects to address underwater munitions. These projects have involved a wide spectrum of technical requirements and application of towed underwater geophysical sensors, remotely operated vehicles (ROVs), and Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) trained divers.
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SAME webinar platform hosts SAME Environmental COI Webinar: Underwater Munitions Response Sites and the Challenges with Site Management
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