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SAME ECOI: Decades of Thermal Remediation: Breakthroughs & Challenges

About This Webinar

Since the 1990s, thermal remediation contractors have completed more than 600 projects worldwide. What began as an idea to solve the seemingly impossible DNAPL problem has evolved into a commonly applied and trusted solution for source zone remediation; however, it did not happen overnight. This presentation will cover the progress of thermal remediation methods from initial concepts to mainstream applications; we will examine case studies of break-through moments and discoveries; and we will discuss future developments in order to improve method effectiveness, reduce costs, and manage resources.

  • • Overview of thermal remediation
  • • Advances in thermal remediation
  • • Challenges associated with thermal remediation
  • • Future of thermal remediation
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Featured Presenters
Webinar hosting presenter
Senior Manager
Mrs. Lauren Soós is an environmental engineer with a focus on PFAS and thermal remediation solutions. Mrs. Soós manages business development and marketing at TRS Group and has a primary focus on Department of Defense and Environmental Protection Agency projects. She has over 20 years of remediation experience in the environmental consulting and remediation industries and has worked with ISTR technologies for over 14 years.
Webinar hosting presenter
Chief Technology Officer
Dr. Gorm Heron has three decades of engineering experience, with expertise in thermal conduction heating, electrical resistance heating, steam enhanced extraction, and combined remedies. Dr. Heron serves as a thermal remediation expert advisor to the Department of Defense and EPA, as well as other federal agencies, state governments and private corporations. Further, Dr. Heron has taken an active role in the research and development of treatment options for per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) impacted soil and water.
Webinar hosting presenter
Program Manager/Senior Engineer
Mr. Jason McNew, PE is a Program Manager and Senior Engineer with 25 years of environmental consulting experience, including preparation of remedial designs and implementation support. He currently serves as Project Manager on one ISTR project and as Senior Engineer on five other ISTR projects.
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