Seven Secrets to Scaling Success - From Zero to $1B in Sales at Tableau
About This Webinar
Two of the leaders behind Tableau share the secrets that led to their massive success scaling from $0 - $1 billion in sales.

Elissa Fink and Kelly Wright - former Chief Marketing Officer and former Executive Vice President of Sales at Tableau respectively -spent over a decade at Tableau long before it became the data visualization giant acquired by Salesforce for $15.7 billion. Very few people have ever achieved such an outcome.
  • The Lessons Learnt Going From $0 - $1 Billion
  • Tips for Every Growth Phase
  • Leadership Tips for Scaling Success
  • Sales and Marketing Alignment: Beyond the Buzzword
  • The Seven Secrets To Be Revealed....
Kelly Wright
Kelly joined Tableau as the company's first salesperson one month prior to the launch of v1.0 in 2005. Kelly remained at Tableau for over 11 years, helping build Tableau into a multi-billion-dollar public company. She grew Tableau's field operations from zero to $850m in revenue and managed over half of Tableau's global team as the company rose to over 3400 employees.
Elissa Fink
Elissa joined Tableau in its early start-up days in 2007 and drove marketing through every growth phase, including going public on the NYSE under the symbol "DATA." Elissa remained at Tableau for over 11 years, helping grow the company from under $5 million revenue to over $1 billion.
This webinar will show you…
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    From $0 to $1 Billion
    The Lessons Learnt & How You Can Do It Too.
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    Tips for Every Growth Phase
    Advice for Nailing Every Stage of Growth
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    Leadership at Scale
    Lessons from leading for over a decade at Tableau