Guide to the best experience at 2020 CLOC Global Institute
Experience Guide
To help you prepare for a full-day of education, collaboration, and inspiration here are the key things you need to know to navigate the new CLOC Global Institute virtual event platform.

Access the CLOC Global Institute
After you’ve received your registration confirmation, you’ll be set for an all access pass to the legal operations and technology event of the year! In your confirmation letter is a URL unique to the email address you used to register for the CLOC Global Institute. Use this URL and your email to enter the event.

Kick off your participation by creating your CGI Business Card Profile
The CLOC community is known for its enthusiasm and friendliness in coming together to connect, share, and grow. Optimize this networking opportunity by creating a robust business card profile that makes it easy for other attendees to quickly find, learn, and connect with you. Be sure to complete your business card profile at any time.

Mark your Favorite Sessions and Make a List
Next, personalize your experience by reviewing the program agenda and indicate the sessions by that are most appealing and relevant to you. All sessions are listed in Pacific Time (PT). Use this handy
Connect with us on time zone converter and then mark your calendar.

Be sure to make a list of exhibitors you would like to meet and view demos of their products and services. Be sure to have your questions ready and ask during your time at their booths or during scheduled 1:1 meetings. Explore the Exhibit Hall and engage with vendors new to you. Don’t miss this opportunity to bring efficiencies to your role.

Share Your Participation and Excitement
Connect with us on LinkedIn and Connect with us on Twitter and help us generate some legal operations buzz! Don’t be shy! Post a screen capture or your experience with your network group, a session or a meet up. Tag us using the official event hashtag: #CLOC2020. Unlike a live event, registration doesn’t close until the online event is over! Forward the registration link to those who may have missed hearing about the Institute.

Get Ready!

Test your Bandwidth
Get your remote environment ready, test home router and bandwidth to ensure a smooth flow. To attend this event, you will need the most updated version of Chrome or Firefox. To ensure the best connection, internet speeds of 5 mbps+ are highly suggested. Test your speed using Systems Check . If possible, a wired connection is much more stable and will help prevent dropped connections and interference. To increase your bandwidth, close all programs and applications during the event.

Let the Show Begin!

Once the event opens, become familiar with the lobby. Watch the welcome and orientation video. Then jump right over to the Opening Remarks session. There will be many of us to help guide you from session to session – if you need to come back to the lobby and visit the CLOC information desk, help is a click away.

Tips and Tricks While Online

Maximize networking opportunities by preparing your introduction ahead of time. At the start of each networking session, there will be dedicated time for individual introductions--come prepared with 2-3 sentences on your background. By writing your introduction ahead of time, you can simply copy and paste to the chat feature when prompted and spend more time connecting with your peers. If you’re able to share some of your best practices, bring them! Tell fellow participants something that you found inspiring, share some good news, or ask a question with a positive spin.

After the Event

Take Action
You’ll leave the 2020 Global Institute overwhelmed by the amazing amount of new information, products, programs, processes, services, and resources that you’ve uncovered. Go over your notes and review the presentations. You now have access to several resources, checklists, and guidebooks and the good news is that you can review the recorded content up to 60 days after.

Make a Plan
Integrate what you’ve learned. Focus on quick wins and slowly transition to larger scale projects. If you try to integrate everything you learned into your practice all at once, you’ll become overwhelmed. Implement slowly. In other words, no need to boil the ocean, just focus on the pot of hot water. Once you’ve mastered one, move on to the next, and the next, and the next, until it’s time for the next CLOC Institute! In the meantime, utilize the content and resources available to you at and if you are a member or law firm participant.

The 2021 Institute is Around the Corner!
Complete the post event survey. Feedback is extremely important to us and helps us to improve and plan for the next Institute.

We are excited to welcome you to the CLOC Global Institute!