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    • Thursday, April 2
      11:00 - 12:00 (ET)
    • Opening Session: CEO Panel
      Presented by Peter Miller, Anthony Kuczinski, Joan Lamm-Tennant, Markham McKnighttt
    • 12:00 - 12:45 (ET)
    • Cyber is the Next Hurricane
      Presented by Robin Roberson, Alex Pezold, Ken Fraser

      Cyber is the Next HurricaneMassive cyber breaches have been making headlines with frightening regularity. Sony, Target, Yahoo, Marriott, and Equifax are just a few of the more prominent companies that have fallen victim in recent years. The troubling reality is that data breaches should now be considered an inevitability for organizations that store, process, or transmit sensitive data. When approaching data security through this lens, the ultimate goal of protective measures is no longer about preventing a breach, but about minimizing the damage of one. Risk reduction—with a focus on data-centric security—is the primary aim of an effective data security strategy.This panel discussion focuses on real solutions and teaching attendees the difference between encryption, tokenization, and how simple it can be to become compliant with the new CCPA law.

      This panel discussion focuses on real solutions and teaching attendees the difference between encryption, tokenization, and how simple it can be to become compliant with the new CCPA law.
    • 1:00 - 1:45 (ET)
    • Evolution not Revolution, of Improved Risk Innovation
      Presented by Kenneth Knoll, David Tobias, Joey Lang, Sridhar Manyem

      Looking to bring quick wins with sustainable benefits to your organization? This session is for you. The panel of experts discuss real use cases that you can translate to your own environment. The industry noise regarding insurtechs and the complete push for innovation can be distracting. Learn how you can leverage technology and create focused steps for process improvement versus complete change with the outcome of driving better solutions and ROI improvement.
    • 2:00 - 2:45 (ET)
    • The Transformative Power of Blockchain in Risktech: The Hype is Real
      Presented by John Fohr, Courtney Osborne, Ronnie Kher, Christopher McDaniel

      Blockchain is still a young technology, but the last few years have seen a huge increase in investment into distributed ledger solutions in the risk transfer space resulting in unprecedented progress and innovation that will play a transformative role in all types of business processes spanning all industries. 

      But, what does this mean for risk professionals? The session will explore the current state of enterprise blockchains and highlight how risk managers can begin integrating this new technology using real-world implementation examples by organizations like The Institutes, Acord Solutions Group, B3i, and other insurance industry giants (i.e., Marsh, AIG, Willis Tower Watson).  

      Panelists will discuss how projects like those underway by Maersk, Visa/Docusign, and Sam’s Club/Walmart can be used as primers to educate cross-functional teams in organizations about the real benefits of the technology; thereby helping to jump start blockchain projects that will ultimately decrease the company’s overall risk profile. Lastly, attendees will learn about how successful blockchain implementations mitigate risk in areas such as manufacturing, supply chain management, provenance authentication in physical and digital assets, and real-time proof of insurance.
    • 3:00 - 3:45 (ET)
    • WC 2030: Threats and Opportunities for Workers Compensation Systems
      Presented by Chris Mandel, Ward Ching, Jeff Pettegrew

      What’s the workers compensation landscape of the future? Workers compensation has been an essential element of our social safety net for more than 100 years. This dynamic system has evolved to keep up with changes in the economy, medical science, social values, and other factors that affect the way the system works. This session will be a discussion with senior risk leaders about the driving themes and scenarios that could define the future of work comp. It will focus on three sets of key forces affecting the work comp system including: those that challenge current WC systems fundamentals; those that frame the new context for the stakeholders; and those that impair the historical governmental change process that will significantly impact system effectiveness. Attendees will learn which forces produced large, possibly unsustainable increases in work comp costs; understand the implications of employers possibly seeking painful cuts to work comp benefits; and review incremental changes to work comp system features that may not be enough to prevent its failure.
    • 4:00 - 5:00 Premier (ET)
    • Premier Panel: The Future of InsurTech and Its Impact on The Industry
      Presented by Andrew Robinson, Adrian Jones, Christopher McDaniel

      This panel will take a look at the coming InsurTech technologies and the transformational effect they will have on the industry.
    • Friday, April 3
      11:00 - 12:00 (ET)
    • Premier Panel: The Future Corporate Risk Manager: Leveraging Technology, Partnership, and Diversity to Add Value in Times of Global Crisis and Day-to-Day
      Presented by Liz Walker, Barry Dillard, Theresa Severson, Courtney Davis

      We know that evolving technology, mobile devices, climate change and social media can create more complex global, operational and strategic risks, especially in light of COVID-19. However, technological advances also create the ability to better leverage data and build partnerships that allow these risk managers to more efficiently partner in times of crisis, finance and mitigate risk, manage claims and protect their brands. They will also discuss how talent, diversity and advocacy impacts the effective use of data and partnerships and, ultimately, the industry's ability to thrive into the future.
    • 12:00-12:45 (ET)
    • Effective Risk Management in a Disruptive World
      Presented by Chris Mandel, Ward Ching, Soubhagya Parija

      Whether its business model, economic, strategy related, or from any number of other perspectives, disruptive forces raise the bar for risk professionals by bringing new and often unforeseeable challenges of protecting the downside and leveraging risks for value creation. With the singular focus of successfully executing your organization's mission, successful risk management should drive performance outcomes. While insurance remains part of the arsenal used to mitigate risk, progressive risk managers know that many of the most significant and destructive exposures come from uninsurable strategic and operational risks. 

      As the risk profiles of organizations morph regularly into new shapes and sizes, risk leaders must bring to the table solutions that respond effectively to these changes. This session will review the nature and impacts of disruptive changes and how successful risk leaders are responding with new and often technology-based solutions. Learn how to find these new solutions and earn a seat at the table from where organizational leaders look for help in delivering on their individual and collective objectives. Come away with a better understanding of how to monitor, and get ahead, of the wide range of existing and emerging exposures that make managing risk well, both increasingly challenging and exciting.
    • 2:00 - 2:45 (ET)
    • Increasing Underwriting Effectiveness with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Technologies
      Presented by Mike Fitzgerald, Harish Neelamana, Gary Kaplan, Art Borden

      Are there opportunities for artificial intelligence and machine learning in underwriting? At the same time, what are the potential compliance issues, the best practices to employ, the pitfalls to avoid, and the expected benefits to realize? This panel brings together the perspectives of an insurer, business leader, business architect, and an insurtech startup founder to answer these questions from multiple points of view. Attendees will learn about use cases to pursue and next steps to take to employ AI and ML for competitive advantage in their underwriting processes.
    • 3:00 - 3:45 (ET)
    • Active Shooter: Emerging Insurance and Risk Management Perspectives
      Presented by Robert Titus, Michelle Arbitrio, Adam Roth

      Mass shootings are horrific from all points of view, and present unique challenges from a risk perspective. From a financial perspective, the associated property damage, lost revenue and medical expenses for those injured is astronomical. From an insurance perspective, the conventional GL policy may provide some indirect coverage for BI, PD and limited personal injury. Even if coverage is provided, this exhausts policy limits that were intended to be available for conventional CGL exposures. 

      However, alternative named-peril mass shooting professional liability policies exist that cover exposures such as crisis management, victim counseling, medical expenses, disability expenses, funeral expenses and death benefits. There are also employee benefits coverages pertaining to workers traveling worldwide who are victims of mass shooting events. From a first party perspective, coverage is now also available for mass shooting related property repair expenses and loss of attraction.   This session will discuss the continued evolution of the challenges of mass shootings and this niche insurance market's coverage terms, conditions, and exclusions.
    • 4:00 - 4:45 (ET)
    • Using AI to Optimize Underwriting & Closing Remarks
      Presented by Phil Alampi, Alan Walters

      Market expectations are changing rapidly and nearly every carrier is pursuing digital underwriting in some capacity. However, this journey is fraught with challenges, including where to start, how to manage change and what it means to your customers' experience, bottom line and ability to grow. Join this session to learn about one carrier's journey to digitize their commercial underwriting process and what that means for their agents, customers and business going forward.
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