Kūlia i ka huliau — Striving for change

July 27th-29th, 2021

Kūlia i ka huliau: Striving for change

The Hawaiʻi Conservation Conference is an annual gathering of scientists, managers, conservation practitioners, educators, students and community members from Hawaiʻi and the Pacific who share cutting edge research and practices in stewardship of the land and seas. It’s a time to connect, share and inspire, all with the common goal of caring for our biocultural resources.

This Year’s Theme:

Kūlia i ka huliau — Striving for change

Transforming the future of biodiversity

Transforming the way we do conservation

Transforming the way we live and interact with our environment

Kūlia i ka Huliau (loosely translating to strive at the turning point) speaks to the demand of our current times that we work collaboratively to forge a new Hawaiʻi. The pandemic has marked a turning point, forcing a rethink of how we should live and work in our special place. And we have already been facing swift and dramatic changes to our ecosystems with profound impacts on biodiversity and human wellbeing. Now is the time to strive to affect changes that could be forged lest we revert to a comfortable “business as usual” that has proven unsustainable and prone to disruption. It clearly showed us how tenuous and vulnerable our externally-facing visitor economy is. It also showed us the benefits of a lighter human footprint on our living resources, and how we should consciously rework to minimize our impacts as well as take action to protect and strengthen the resilience of our life-sustaining lands and waters.

Conference highlights will include presentations from impactful speakers, opportunities to learn about different technologies, methods, and approaches to conservation, field activities, and new and strengthened partnerships among the conservation community.

Email us at conference@hawaiiconservation.org if you have any questions and visit our website https://www.hawaiiconservation.org/conference/2021-conservation-conference/ for more information.