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The hidden #pragmas of Go by Dave Cheney

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**Note we have a different time for this session than usual**

The hidden #pragmas of Go by Dave Cheney

Go isn’t like C. It doesn’t have a preprocessor, it doesn’t have macros, and it certainly doesn’t have #define, but Go does have pragmas.

What are pragmas? The name come from the #pragma declaration that tells C compilers to alter their interpretation of a piece of code. Now, Go doesn’t have a #pragma directive, but it does have ways of altering the operation of the Go compiler via directive syntax hidden in comments.

This talk will explore the history of these directives, how and why they are used, and how you can, but probably shouldn’t, use them in your own code.

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Webinar hosting presenter Dave Cheney
David is a software engineer, author, blogger, and speaker from Sydney, Australia as well as a long time contributor to the Go project, focussing on performance and the application of Go to small computers. David also runs the Sydney Go Users' group.
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