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How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Interface

About This Webinar

Are you using interfaces effectively? Interfaces are one of the most powerful language features that Go provides, yet Go programmers often under-utilize existing interfaces in their code. Even many advanced Gophers rarely write their own interfaces, or write interfaces that are less powerful than they could be.

Let's demystify interfaces by taking a behind-the-scenes look at the two most ubiquitous interfaces of them all: the humble "io.Reader" and "error". What makes these interfaces so versatile and powerful? And how can we design our own interfaces to be as powerful as these?

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Webinar hosting presenter Aditya Mukerjee
Engineer at Stripe
Aditya is an engineer on the Risk team at Stripe and has been a full-time Go developer since 2012. He is the main developer for gitgo, a pure Go implementation of Git; Anaconda, the Twitter client library for Go; and gojson, a tool for generating Go struct definitions from JSON. He has also contributed to a number of Go projects, big and small, ranging from Goat, a bittorrent tracker, to the Go project itself.

Aditya studied statistics at Columbia and computer science at Cornell, and spends his free time playing German-style board games and listening to embarrassing music.
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