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Buffalo: Rapid Web Development in Go

About This Webinar

Put the fun back in writing Go web applications using the Buffalo framework. A Ruby on Rails inspired, idiomatic, web framework written in Go. Fun, Fast, and easy!

This talk goes in-depth into Buffalo; the Go web framework. Inspired by Ruby on Rails, this framework aims to make web development in Go both fun, and easy. By curating the best, and most stable, packages, wrapping them together in a friendly, and idiomatic, way, with a dash of code generation, Buffalo takes back web development from languages like Ruby and Python and makes building fast, scalable, web applications a joy in Go!

This talk gives a high level overview of the following sections of Buffalo:

- Routing
- Middleware
- Templating/Rendering
- Testing
- Asset Pipeline
- Database Access
- Deploying

By the end of this workshops attendees will understand the power of Buffalo to build a full CRUD based web applications.

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Featured Presenters
Webinar hosting presenter Mark Bates
Mark Bates is a full stack web developer with over 18 years of experience building high quality scalable applications for companies such as Apple, USA Today, Klarna, and Palm. He has written three books, “Distributed Programming with Ruby”, “Programming in CoffeeScript”, and “Conquering the Command Line”. Mark has spoken at conferences around the world, has led user groups such as Boston Ruby and Boston Golang, and has helped to organize conferences such as GothamGo and GopherCon.

Mark is the co-founder of PaperCall.io, a platform for connecting technical events with high quality content and speakers. Mark is also a partner at Gopher Academy, the industry leader for Go training and conferences.

In his spare time Mark leads development of the Go web framework Buffalo.
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