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Scaling up crystallisation: Insights from CatSci and BlazeMetrics

About This Webinar

In this technical webinar our hosts explore and discuss the importance of developing a good crystallisation process for Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API). Crystallisation can pose a significant risk to the success of a drug; however, the risks can be mitigated with an comprehensive understanding of the process, using process analytical technologies (PAT).

Dr Scott shows case studies of two different compounds and the design of their crystallisation processes. For Compound 1, the scientists used a seeded crystallisation process based on solubility measurements, which resulted in a corrected yield close to the predicted yield. For Compound 2, they conducted form screening in a range of solvents and used different crystallisation techniques to determine the most stable form for further process development.

Dr Callahan explains the importance of process understanding in mitigating risks during process development and the availability of advanced technologies, such as the Blaze probe, which can monitor particle size and nucleation in real-time, alongside many other parameters, to help design and optimise crystallisation processes.

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Featured Presenters
Webinar hosting presenter
Senior Materials Scientist, CatSci
Dan has worked in crystallisation development for several years, and has a PhD in Flow Chemistry and integrating technology with crystallisation from University of Bath.
Webinar hosting presenter
Application Engineer, BlazeMetrics
Craig has a PhD in the field of Continuous Crystallisation from Heriot-Watt University, and a degree in Forensic Chemistry. and has since been working with CDMOs in crystallisation process development and scale up.