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Live hands-on demonstration of the Mya 4 Reaction Station

About This Webinar

Introduction to the Mya 4 Reaction Station range from Radleys

Mya 4 is a highly flexible reaction station allowing chemists to run 4 reactions independently, with heating and active cooling, and magnetic and overheard stirring. Being software controlled, Mya 4 is ideal for accurate temperature control as well as unattended experiments.

We will be taking you through the Mya 4 range using a live demonstration hands-on approach. Topics covered:

- Temperature control
- Stirring
- Glassware and accessory options to suit a wide range of applications
- Control options – what parameters can be controlled automatically and how
- Mya 4 applications including: Process development, DoE, reaction optimisation, crystallisation studies, medicinal chemistry, reagent/solvent screening

Key Learning Objectives:

1. What is the Mya 4 Reaction Station?
2. Key features and benefits
3. The range of options for Mya 4
4. How to achieve precise temperature control on small scale

Who Should Watch?

1. Process R&D chemists
2. Medicinal / research chemists
3. Users of jacketed lab reactors looking for smaller scale solutions
4. Existing users of Carousel 6 and 12, Tornado, AVA Lab Control Software

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