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pv magazine Spotlight | Up to 50 degrees cooler – High power modules with intelligent electronics

About This Webinar

Initiative partner: Energetica Industries

The new e.giant 500 Wp for utility-scale projects and e.classic 400+ Wp for rooftops from Energetica reveal their special features: a half-cell module design that doesn’t need a bypass diode. Instead, Energetica introduces a patented intelligent electronic control system, called e.ISP, integrated in the module. It switches off the cell string when shaded, without overheating the individual solar cells or the junction box, which is the case in standard modules. “In a test with completely shaded modules, Energetica’s solution measures 50 degrees Celsius less than a module with Schottky bypass diode”, says Rene Battistutti, founder and CEO of Energetica Industries.

In this Spotlight, we will not only learn how the e.ISP technology works in comparison to the traditional solution; but we will also be introduced to other innovations, like the new, also patented, frame design, which allows the stacking of PV modules without the use of corner packs and cardboard boxes. Biodegradable foils, made of corn starch, are used for wrapping, reducing the packaging waste to the minimum. All modules are produced in a climate-neutral manner in Austria showing that Energetica goes always the extra mile to protect the environment.

pv magazine Spotlight content:
• The new modules: e.giant 500 Wp and the e.classic 400+ Wp
• Module design with 12 busbars on 166 mm cells and further technology developments
• ISP technology: The effects and advantages
• Environmental savings: The e.STAK framework for material-saving packaging and climate-neutral production

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pv magazine is hosting this Spotlight on behalf of our partner, Energetica Industries, which is responsible for the content.

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This Spotlight was recorded on 16 September 2020.

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