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pv magazine Webinar | Policy, innovation, markets: will residential batteries hit the big time in 2021?

About This Webinar

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This webinar was recorded on 23 March, 2021.

The last decade saw residential storage take off, achieving vast industry growth and customer adoption in a relatively short time. While the 2010s became the decade of residential solar, can energy storage follow the same blueprint for success in 2021?

The market for residential storage finds itself at a unique crossroads, where increasing uncertainty about the resiliency of the grid, dramatic weather events, falling costs, new technologies and the proliferation of electric vehicles are all leading homeowners to consider adding batteries.

However falling costs and an uncertain grid can’t make a robust market on their own and will need to be supported by strong policy and incentives, be they financial or otherwise, to make such a financial commitment.

In this pv magazine Webinar, we discuss the technological, policy, and market developments necessary for residential storage to become a mainstream technology, as well as what the industry can learn from PV and how electric vehicles fit into the mix. Typical home PV/Battery backup systems will be examined and contrasted with extreme outliers and massive installations. Presenters Karla Loeb, Daren Goldin and Dr. Ben Damiani will shake-up the traditional webinar format, providing a unique conversation and complimenting each other’s presentations with their own personal and professional insights.

pv magazine Webinar content

- Driving factors for market growth in terms of technological innovations, recent event motivators (weather events, pandemic, etc.), and policy
- Which states are prompting industry growth better than others
- Conversation about what a typical PV/Battery backup system would look like on an average home and conversation about extreme cases (mega-mansions)
- Future trends in residential battery backup
- What the battery industry can learn from solar
- The future of residential storage’s relationship with electric vehicles

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