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pv magazine Webinar | Mono vs. multi – How many MPPT-channels are good for my project?

About This Webinar

Initiative partner: ABB

Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) is dividing the solar industry. There are ardent defenders of the single MPPT-channel approach and those that cannot seem to get enough channels. To understand the conflict, it is necessary to know how the technology works in string-inverter based utility-scale projects and what it does. Is this a crucial inverter feature, what are the tangible advantages in the design and over the lifecycle of a PV system?

In this webinar, we will shed some more light and insight on MPPT. Together with our partner for this webinar, ABB, we will dive into various plant layouts and locations and how that affects the requirement for MPPT. Both plant design and surrounding conditions need to be considered before choosing multi-MPPT or monolithic PV array design. This decision will have implications for yield and operating and maintenance costs.

The installation of PV systems in sub-optimal conditions increases the demand for inverters, which are optimized for decentralized architecture plant designs. This is raising the interest in understanding and quantifying the benefit of multi-MPPT technology. Join this webinar for your deep dive into MPPT and its implications on plant economics.

• Multi-MPPT as an enabler of flexible PV system design
• Multi-MPPT as a key factor to achieve maximum energy yield and efficient system design under any system scenario, including sub-optimal conditions: near shading / complex orientations
• How Multi-MPPT minimizes energy yield losses in case of failures, panel damages
• Enable fuseless string connection
• Integrated PV system diagnosis
• Ideally suited for decentralized “combiner-free” PV system design

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This webinar was recorded on 18 February 2020.

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