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pv magazine Webinar | Improving the output and lifetime of PV through cost effective cooling

About This Webinar

Initiative partner: COOLBACK

Integrating cost effective cooling methods in module manufacturing to increase module output and lifetime

The operating temperature of a PV module is a result of the input of heat by the environment and by the irradiation of sunlight on the one side and the dissipation of this heat to the surroundings on the PV module on the other. This dissipation is far from perfect and therefore a PV module reaches easily 70-90 degrees Celsius, which is 40-60 degrees above ambient air temperature.

According to Simon Meijer, CEO of COOLBACK Company, and our webinar partner, up to 10% of output and up to 20% of lifetime is lost through this excess of heat in the PV module; this is by far the biggest impediment to improving output – far greater than reflection, dust or humidity. If this is the case, should module manufacturers be taking a closer look at heat losses, and looking at ways to improve output by thermal management? And can asset managers, EPCs and investors improve their solar projects output and lifetime with effective heat management?

Join this pv magazine webinar, moderated Jonathan Gifford, managing editor of pv magazine, and gain an insight on how cooling a solar module can be beneficial for manufacturers and users. Jonathan will be joined by Simon Meijer (CEO) and John van Laarhoven (CTO) from COOLBACK Company, who together will outline the importance of focusing on heat losses, share analysis on why heat loss occurs, and how the COOLBACK cooling method tackles these issues. The COOLBACK product increases energy-output and reduces module degradation by significantly cutting back the main losses on kWh output. Effective heat management directly improves output and results in a module’s longer, more productive lifespan.

They will be joined by Luca Votta, from Kiwa – a world top 20 leader in Testing, Inspection and Certification (TIC). Luca will examine measurement standards for heat loss, the results, and present what can be achieved through cooling, as well as how this currently translates into a higher return.

Webinar content:
• Understanding how temperature (negatively) affects solar module output and lifetime
• Effects of cooling in kWh output and lifetime for the end user
• Introduction of COOLBACK, how it works and its effectiveness: data, pictures
• How to implement COOLBACK (PV manufacturers focus): testing, certification and production

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This webinar was recorded on 28 May 2019.

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