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pv magazine Webinar | Futureproof solutions for integrating storage

About This Webinar

Initiative partner: Ginlong Solis

Across European markets, rapid changes are underway in how energy is supplied, costed, and consumed. With these developments, homeowners and businesses increasingly want more knowledge and control over how and when they are drawing on electricity, and where that electricity is being generated.

For PV system owners, this often means maximizing self-consumption from their array and reducing reliance on regional electricity networks. As policy changes in many European markets make exporting unused PV electricity out to the grid a less attractive option, self-consumption becomes even more central to a PV system offering.

Maximizing self-consumption in this way requires an intelligent energy management solution to ensure that PV power is efficiently channeled to the right appliances during the daylight hours, and additional energy storage to ensure power is available even after the sun goes down.

In this pv magazine Webinar, produced in partnership with Ginlong Solis, we will examine European energy markets, and the growing demand for storage and energy management to support higher rates of self-consumption in the commercial and residential PV segments. And we’ll take a closer at the Solis-HVES inverter series, and its secure smart home solution. This three-phase inverter series is designed to integrate storage simply, easily, and safely alongside a PV system.

Robin Adey-Johnson, energy storage and flexibility analyst at Delta-EE will offer his insights into storage markets across Europe and look into the opportunity that adding storage to new and existing PV projects can bring for system owners.

With the launch of the Solis-HVES series already underway in key European markets including Italy, UK, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, and Sweden, we’ll then hear from Ginlong Solis’ Sales Director for Europe, Sandy Woodward, on the product’s key functionalities, the situations it can address and why it makes the perfect solution for residential and smaller commercial three-phase projects.

Ginlong Solis’ Technical Manager for Europe, Paul Carpenter, will share further insights into the inverter’s key technical features, including the design flexibility allowed by dual multiple power point tracking and four DC inputs, as well as the integrated energy management system with fully programable operating modes taking in self-consumption, time of use and grid back up.

pv magazine Webinar content:
• A look at the market landscape for energy storage in Europe
• The growing need for energy management & storage solutions across Europe
• When is a hybrid inverter the right choice for a PV system owner?
• Understanding different operating modes
• Unique features of the Solis-HVES inverter
• Flexible system design incorporating multiple MPPTs & DC inputs
• Q&A

Questions can be submitted beforehand or during the webinar through a chat window. Mark Hutchins from pv magazine will be the moderator of this webinar.

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This webinar was recorded on 2 September 2020.

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