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Affiliate Marketing for Beauty Pros

Mon, Aug 24, 2020 · 1:00 PM · Arizona
About This Webinar

We have realized the power of retail this year, but now take it a step further and get sales while you sleep by using affiliate marketing. The importance of online sales, connection, and traffic to your beauty business is more important than ever before...

Come hang out with Lexi and learn the pros and cons, plus the HOW of getting started with affiliate marketing, or if it’s for you at all! The more you know about what’s happening in our industry the better prepared for success you will be in your own business. Sign up now.

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Webinar Price: $10.00
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Business Coach and Host, The 10 Minute Beauty Business Podcast
Lexi is a salon owner of 14 years, lover of all things beauty, industry educator, business coach + strategies expert, and host of The 10 Minute Beauty Business Podcast. She is also a licensed cosmetologist with over 11 years experience behind the chair.

Lexi has had a background in business her entire life and says "she grew up coloring at the end of the board room table" as an only child who traveled with her parents; both successful entrepreneurs.

One thing strings all of it together, Lexi loves figuring it out. Finding the solution, and making hard stuff easy. She is most passionate about sharing her secrets to achieving success, and helping other women meet their goals in the beauty industry. Lexi likes to share her mistakes so that others can avoid them. She is obsessed with helping stylists achieve their dream business and life.

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