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If you’re moving to Canada, or you’ve recently arrived, you need to understand the importance of insurance to protect you and your family. Travel health insurance and renters insurance can do just that.

In Canada, certain provinces have a waiting period of up to three months for being eligible for government health insurance. For instance, in Ontario, there is a wait time of 90 days for newcomers to be eligible for provincial health insurance. Private or supplementary travel health insurance plans from a Canadian insurance company can cover yourself and your family for your initial months in Canada.

If you’re planning on renting, renters insurance is for you and your family. Your landlord should have an insurance policy covering the building you live in, but that policy doesn’t protect all of your belongings the way renters insurance can.
  • What are the differences between provincial health plans and private health insurance?
  • Why is it a smart idea to purchase private health insurance before I arrive in Canada?
  • What visitors’ private health insurance covers that government health insurance doesn’t cover
  • Can I cancel my private health insurance policy once I’m eligible for government health insurance?
  • What the difference is between landlord insurance and renter insurance
  • How does renters insurance protect me? Why Do I need it?
  • When would I use my renters insurance?
  • How do I determine what insurance coverage is right for me?
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