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Deep Dive into preparing your business for sale

Wednesday, February 21, 2024 · 4:30 p.m. · London
About This Webinar

Preparing for your Exit

Achieving a successful exit from any business requires careful planning and preparation, often years ahead of the event itself. This is particularly important in the current market where transactions are taking longer, due diligence is more thorough and economic uncertainty is creating caution with buyers. When a sale is reactionary, the results are often suboptimal and developing a clear exit strategy provides the ability to avoid events dictating when or how to sell.

Our Deep Dive Webinar will provide insight from our Corporate Finance and Tax experts covering the following areas:

  • • Objectives – establishing the key objectives of the exit between financial and non-financial priorities
  • • Options – understanding the range of exit options available to business owners
  • • Buyers – types of buyers and the importance of understanding how buyers assess value
  • • Sale process strategy – tips for preparing for a competitive sale process and demonstrating future value to buyers
  • • Deal breakers – common deal breakers and areas to address before going to market
  • • Taxation – matters to consider in optimising post tax sale proceeds and transaction structures
  • • Management and Employees – when to bring team members into discussions and methods of incentivisation leading up to an exit
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