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The Short Circuit: Making Sense of the Power Grid In A Changing World - On Demand

About This Webinar

The power grid is complex and rapidly evolving. Chances are, you are an expert in one specific area. And you are good at what you do. You also have a keen desire to understand what’s happening across the grid, and how those trends and developments may affect you and your industry. But you have a day job. You don’t have time to do the research, and besides, there’s simply too much disconnected information out there. You want to understand the major trends and technologies and the overall context.

This course will short-circuit your learning process, efficiently and effectively providing you with the critical information you want and need to know - in just four hours.

Learn from 30-year industry veteran, author, and story-teller Peter Kelly-Detwiler who will offer the 4-hour Short-Circuit workshop explaining the critical aspects of power markets, and how the key drivers of decarbonization, decentralization, and digitalization are changing everything. This course was born from years of experience delivering workshops, research for a forthcoming book, and over 300 Forbes.com articles on the power sector.

Who Should Attend

The same energy professionals who have attended past workshops at conferences across the country:

Utility employees, staff of renewables companies, investors, public advocates, regulatory staff, lawyers – in short, everybody in the electric energy industry who wishes they knew more about the space in which we are all professionally engaged.

  • In just four hours, you will understand:
  • Critical planning issues and timelines for various resources
  • The key functions and responsibilities of regional grid operators
  • Why competitive markets were established and how they work, including: • Basic Products such as ancillary services, capacity, and energy • How and when resources are dispatched
  • The importance of natural gas and fracking in setting power prices in most markets, and the evolving role of gas turbines
  • The introduction of technologies into the grid, and implications including: • Wind • Solar • Batteries and other storage resources
  • The growing role of the ‘Grid Edge,’ distributed energy resources, and implications of bi-directional flows of power
  • The critical security concerns, including physical and cyber threats
  • The key regulatory issues, at both the state and federal levels
Who can view: Everyone
Webinar Price: $195.00
Featured Presenters
Webinar hosting presenter Peter Kelly-Detwiler
Principal: PKD Energy, LLC
Peter Kelly-Detwiler (PKD) is a former SVP of Constellation Energy, a long-time veteran of retail power markets (he rendered the first invoice in the industry!), and an early pioneer in the field of demand response.

He’s also one of the leading industry trainers and story-tellers. PKD is currently writing a 350-page book on the transformation of the electricity sector, has authored over 300 posts for Forbes.com and other on-line publications , and frequently moderates and keynotes at events across the United States (virtually or in-person). He also produces a video on the top energy stories of the week.