About This Event
Cool Australia is hosting STEAM IRL (In Real Life)! An event where the students of your school will be able to hear from and interact with some of the most exciting female voices in Australian STEAM (we don’t want to brag, but they’re pretty incredible). Hosted by the amazing Ally Watson from Code Like a Girl you will hear from women who started their own tech companies, Indigenous innovators, science communicators, and even special musical guests! Along the way, we’ll find out what STEAM means to them and what a STEAM career really looks like!

The lowdown
- The event is designed in a TV show style format and suitable for watching in groups. There is no limit to the group size watching the show.

- There are some interactive elements where students with individual devices can comment, ask questions, answer polls or engage in quizzes. For these elements, students will need to register individually using the same registration page and have access to a device for the duration of the show.

- For group viewing, we would suggest a laptop connected to a projector or screen with a teacher using the laptop to ask questions and comment on behalf of the group.

- For students, a device with web access would be suitable including laptops, tablets or even a phone. Although students could also watch the show on their personal device, we would recommend watching collectively with individual devices on mute and just using those devices to interact.
  • 1624585719-206f9a396d3d8b61
    Mikaela Jade
    CEO and Founder, Indigital
  • 1624584765-298eb48e97443133
    Marita Cheng
    Technology Entrepreneur
  • 1624584653-8662072646fb09fd
    The Merindas
    Electronic Pop/R&B Duo
  • 1626390075-df8fbcaee696d378
    Amelia Armstrong
    Science Presenter, Fizzics Education
  • 1623984604-d39b5cf07d497dd4
    Ally Watson
  • 1623916823-8cfe6dc190a5f4ff
    Mykel Dixon