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Wednesday, Jun 12, 3:30 PM PDT · 1 hour

Understanding, Preventing and Capturing Swarms

June 12, 2019 at 03:30:00 PM · Pacific Time (US & Canada)
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About This Webinar

A swarm is one of the most fascinating events in nature. As beekeepers, we have a special interest, both in terms of preventing them in our own hives plus possibly having the skills to capture a swarm.

In this webinar we discuss swarms in detail. We look at the fascinating events that happen when bees swarm. Then we cover practical ideas about how to detect the signs of potential swarming and what we can do to prevent them. And we'll discuss the capturing of swarms by the beekeeper.

  • Why do bees swarm?
  • What happens when bees swarm
  • Identifying the signs of swarming
  • Preventing swarms
  • Capturing swarms
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