The progress in NLP in recent years has been staggering. However, most of the research focuses on non-Swedish text, and we need to make sure that these techniques also work for Swedish use cases. This is critical, for example, when developing innovative and cost-efficient public services.

One of the most prominent Swedish initiatives in this direction is the Swedish language models for Swedish authorities project. The initiative is a three-year project funded by Vinnova, where RISE, LTU, Peltarion, the Swedish Public Employment Service, and more are participating in building up Swedish language models using the latest NLP techniques. We are just in the initial stages of the project, but we already have some initial results that we would like to share with you.
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    Daniel Rencrantz
    Daniel Rencrantz is Head of Department for Innovation management at Vinnova and is overall responsible for its AI-initiatives. He is a member of the steering group for AI Innovation of Sweden and the expert group on AI and access to data for the Nordic Council of Ministers.

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    Love Börjeson
    Love Börjeson is the director of KBLab, a data lab for Digital Humanities and Social Sciences and an AI-development resource for the National Library of Sweden. Love Börjeson has a background as a Postdoctoral Fellow in Computational Social Science at the Graduate
    School of Education, Stanford University, where he studied the effect of gender and gender diversity of research groups on topical orientation of scientific publications.
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    Sebastian Callh
    Sebastian is an AI Research Engineer at Peltarion, with a M.Sc. in Machine Learning from Linköping University. He mainly works on research projects focusing on natural language and audio data. Additionally, Sebastian has previous experience working with spatial data, images and time series, and is especially interested in the problem of uncertainty estimation.
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    John Moberg
    John is an AI Research Engineer at Peltarion, with a M.Sc. in Engineering Mathematics from Chalmers University of Technology. At Peltarion, he has focused on natural language processing, both in the context of research and in applications for clients in industry. Apart from NLP, he is especially passionate about reinforcement learning and Bayesian deep learning.

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    Anders Arpteg
    Anders Arpteg, PhD, Head of Research at Peltarion where we are working to operationalize the latest AI techniques for all companies in an easy-to-use and affordable way. Also member of AI Innovation of Sweden steering committee, the Swedish AI Agenda, and several advisory boards.