About This Webinar
Why this? To enable small startups to get ahead by integrating AI into their product and operations with no-code AI.

What can this help me do? Build it into your product, automate lengthy processes, or embed deep learning into your core business - whichever of these it is that will make a difference to your business, Peltarion can help you get there. Or, if you’re just in it to increase your investability by including AI in your pitch, that’s cool too - whatever floats your boat.

Can it really help? That’s up to you and the solutions you build! What we can say is that our platform-user E-Farm went from being a platform selling tractors, to being an AI platform selling tractors. They then raised a $5.3 million funding round. The proof is in the pudding, they say.

What do I have to do? Well, this is the deal: you have to build it. We will give you the tools through our no-code platform, access to our mentorship program (which includes one-on-one help from our data scientists!) and visibility on our website for a cool project you want to show off, but the rest is up to you! What you build can change the course of your business and help you automate processes even before you hire staff to do them… Needless to say, we think it’s a pretty good deal.

Who is eligible? Companies with fewer than 15 employees

When is the application deadline? December 11th, 2020

Where do I apply? You can find the application form for the program here: https://forms.gle/AXWpAwznpDZqy7in9

How can I learn more? Sign up below to join this startup program information session on the 3rd of December at 3pm CET.

Where can I read more:
What is AI, really? https://peltarion.com/blog/data-science/deep-learning-intro-with-use-cases
User story: AI for sign language https://peltarion.com/blog/applied-ai/sign-language
Making use of text data https://peltarion.com/blog/data-science/nlp-intro-with-use-cases
The E-Farm story https://agfundernews.com/the-rise-of-the-reused-machines-germanys-e-farm-raises-5-3m-series-a.html

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  • The 'AI-made-easy' approach
  • Introduction to the program
  • The application
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    Anna Gross
    Business developer
    Anna Gross is a low-code enthusiast who likes to challenge the boundaries of what can be done in the space by piecing together the latest tools in new ways. Prior to joining Peltarion, she ran the nonprofit startup Project Access in London which was built and run entirely with low-code tools for the first two years of its existence.
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    Peiman Momeni
    Sales Representative
    Regardless if you are a one-man band or a multinational firm, applying AI to your business will help you reach your goals. Peiman Momeni is a firm believer that AI should be distributed in your organisation and best belongs in the hands of your domain experts. He can help you to pin down the potential use-cases that will create value for you