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In this monthly series, Pandora's Pass the Mic and She Is the Music is partnering to bring you one-on-one conversations with badass females throughout the audio industry—voice actresses, music curators, entertainment lawyers, and more. And, the best part? You get to ask. them. anything.

Nazia Chaudhry (aka Naz) is no ordinary voiceover talent. From captivating vocals and jingles to accents and characters, Naz is a multi-faceted and accomplished voice artist, actress, and vocalist. With over 25 years of experience, her whimsical voice has won over some of the world’s biggest brands including Intel, TIME, Frito Lay, and many more.

Join in on a magical and engaging session about Naz's journey to the mic: how she turned both her classical and jazz music degrees into a successful voice acting career from commercials to animation, adapting to home studio recording in the midst of a global pandemic, and of course, real live demos of her work.

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    Nazia Chaudhry
    Voiceover Artist, Actress, Vocalist, Producer & Coach
    Nazia Chaudhry (Naz) is an accomplished voiceover artist, actor, vocalist, producer, and coach with a professional performance career spanning nearly 25 years. From singing to selling, to the special way each story needs telling, this multi-faceted performer and brand voice is recognized as an industry leader for total vocal versatility and excellence from stage to screen, as well as behind the mic.

    Naz is dedicated to providing curated talent solutions for trusted global brands including Pandora, IBM, Intel, TIME, Ford, and PepsiCo. Other voiceover credits include ViacomCBS, Nickelodeon International, Cartoon Network, and Funimation. Her critically acclaimed debut jazz album, “Time After” is available on Pandora. To learn more about Naz’s journey through the world of performance, go to NazVoice.com.

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    Hillary Crosley Coker
    Journalist, Editor, Host, and Producer
    Based In New York, Hillary Crosley Coker is a journalist, editor, host, and producer with nearly 20 years of experience in news and culture. Since 2003, she’s earned bylines, hosting and production credits at The Root, Rolling Stone, MTV News, Essence, Vice, Billboard, BBC 1xtra, Jezebel and many more. In 2008, she co-founded Parlour Travel, a women's lifestyle business crafting bespoke trips to destinations like Barbados, Morocco and Thailand.

    In 2017, Hillary joined Genius as Senior News Producer, where she built and oversaw the video news department, pushing the brand to over 7 million YouTube subscribers. In 2019, she began her music podcast, The CAST of R&B with fellow host, Eddie Blackmon and continues her cultural work through her company, HC² Productions.