About This Webinar
Pandora's Making Waves digital experience is a virtual workshop around the power of sound and why it should be considered a vital part of your marketing strategy. Making Waves makes the case for how sound is, and always has been a vital part of humankind, and with the rise of audio and voice technology, why brands need to make it a core part of their strategy. This live audio-driven experience is designed to leave the audience with a better appreciation for the power of audio and provide unique tools that helps guide a creative audio strategy.
  • Movement 1: A Brief History of Sound
  • Movement 2: Sound in The Natural World
  • Movement 3: The Universal Language
  • Movement 4: Playing On Consumers Hearts & Minds
  • Movement 5: Your Sonic Strategy
  • 1597077499-196c8c6fe0dd2b20
    Nils d'Aulaire
    Creative Director, Studio Resonate
  • 1597077502-f07f04bbf06b0c27
    Charlie Dos Santos
    Senior Bilingual Audio Producer, Studio Resonate
  • 1597077505-6f2020918ebd1d43
    Miya Kanzaki
    Associate Creative Director, Studio Resonate