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Serialization 2.0: The next Level of Pharma Traceability

Wed, Apr 21, 2021 · 4:00 PM · Berlin
About This Webinar

Over the last two decades, the global pharmaceutical industry has been working to secure the supply chain, through the development and implementation of serialization standards. With the 1st generation of Track and Trace solutions being up to ten years old now, it is time for the pharma industry to get their supply chains ready for the next step of Serialization 2.0. With it, following areas of potential improvement can be tackled:

• New packaging requirements show need for state of the art machinery (L1 and L2)
• Close proprietary architecture
• Vendor lock in
• Expensive IT infrastructure
• Growing requirements for Aggregation
• Demand for a modern solution has evolved

This webinar illustrates how easy it is to migrate to Serialization 2.0 with an open software platform and leading-edge hardware. Flexible machines with modular functionalities at highest quality standards ensure low reject rates and low downtime to maximize the OEE (Overall-Equipment-Efficiency). Low training and service requirements as well as upgradability ensure one of the best TCO (Total-Cost-of-Ownership) and a long lifetime.

Syntegon is a leading provider for Level 1 – 2 systems. advanco, a leading provider for Level 3 Item Serialization, providing intelligent solutions for the cross-industry serialization of products, with particular focus on the global pharmaceutical industry.
Register for this webinar to hear from leading serialization providers why the need for modernization and consolidation of the pharmaceutical supply chain is mandatory and what value Serialization 2.0 brings to your company.


Supply Chain Managers
Shopfloor Managers
Packaging Managers
Serialization Managers
Warehouse Managers


• Benefits of Serialization 2.0 in the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain
• Open modern serialization software platform
• State of the art machines and integration kits
• Cost saving with Serialization 2.0

  • Key challenges of using 1st generation Track & Trace systems
  • ARC Software Platform
  • SYNTEGON machines
  • Be prepared: Checklist of requirements for Serialization 2.0
  • Result: Combined Solution for Serialization 2.0
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Featured Presenters
Webinar hosting presenter
CEO, advanco SA
Alf Goebel is a C-level software sales and marketing executive, with strong operational experience specialising in high growth business in Europe and the US. Alf has extensive experience with Global Partnerships SAP and has held senior executive positions at a number of leading technology companies, including Snow Software and MSC Software.
Webinar hosting presenter
Head of Sales and Product Management, Syntegon Technology GmbH
Matthias Heinrichs has been working for Bosch / Syntegon since 2010. He is successfully leading multinational projects with strategic relevance. As Head of Sales and Product Management he has been directly responsible for adapting the supply chain to the requirements of Serialization 2.0. Matthias holds a degree in Industrial Engineering and Marketing.
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